Veterinary Anesthesia

In some cases, your pet may need to undergo anesthesia to keep them free of pain. Anesthesia allows our veterinarians to perform procedures without causing discomfort.

Before administering anesthesia, our experienced staff will assess your pet's health concerns and needs to determine the best course of action. Anesthesia may be administered intravenously, through a muscle or by a general inhalant that mixes vaporized anesthesia with oxygen. The degree of anesthesia administered will depend on your pet's needs and the procedure being performed.

As with all our procedures, safety is our biggest concern when administering anesthesia. Our caring staff will monitor your pet before, during and after the procedure using pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors and EKGs. These measures are taken to assure that your pet remains safe and comfortable throughout the experience. We also provide an IV catheter and IV fluids for every patient during sedation.

At Hollin Hall Animal Hospital, we limit the number of anesthesia cases performed each day to ensure your pet receives the individualized care he or she deserves. This is part of our commitment to providing the highest standard of compassionate care for both you and your pet.

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