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"Hollin Hall Animal Hospital has a caring, compassionate team of professionals who provide excellent care for my pets. I feel comfortable taking my pets to any of the vets on staff; they are all extremely competent and knowledgeable. When one of my pets has an illness, the vet provides me with alternative solutions if available. And afterwards a staff member always calls to follow up and see out how my pet is doing. I've moved out of the neighborhood but continue to bring my pets to Hollin Hall Animal Hospital because I am extremely happy with the service they provide. Their prices are also very reasonable."

"My husband and I went to three other Veterinary offices in one year before finding Hollin Hall. We spent thousands of dollars trying to determine the cause of the chronic infections in our precious little Reese and it wasn't until we found Hollin Hall that we found the answer. The entire staff is always friendly, caring, courteous, understanding, and most of all, honest. Always offering all available options and never suggesting tests or medications you do not need (we can not say that about other offices). Thank you so much for your integrity, value, and constant care. You go above and beyond to help put our beloved four legged family members at ease and keep them happy and healthy." Sincerely, Robin

"Mary and I wanted to send you a letter expressing our gratitude for the care Spencer receives at your practice. We saw the placard in you waiting room regarding testimonials but weren’t sure if hard copy or electronic was best... so we sent it both ways just in case."
Best regards,
Mike and Mary

"Our dogs have been in the care of Dr. Holly Gill and her wonderful staff since 1992. Maggie and Duffy were our first two dogs. Now we have Max and Toby. Since we started going to Hollin Hall Animal Hospital, our dogs have also seen Dr. Fanton, Dr. Kao, and Dr. Borakove. Everyone we have seen has been kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, and professional. The hospital is a wonderful environment for pets of all kinds. Our dogs don't mind going for a visit and actually appear happy to see any of the staff. The support staff knows everyone's name as well as the names of their dogs and cats. We have several friends who go to this hospital and love the care their pets are given. When our dogs have been ill, the doctors have repeatedly called to check on them. We could not ask for better veterinary care or for a better support staff. Hollin Hall Veterinary Hospital offers friendly, caring, and dedicated service to both animals and the people who own and love them."
Kay and Dave

"Hollin Hall Animal Hospital is an oasis of pet care. Compassionate staff knowledgeable doctors and a very soothing atmosphere make for a top-notch clinic."
Jim and Barbara

"Hi, my name is Annie and I am a little Chihuahua with a lot of big problems. I have a wonderful owner who tends to baby me a little too much. Both of us have had wonderful treatment at Hollin Hall Animal Hospital. I have been seeing the doctors there for 13 years. I have some rare and unusual problems that my doctor was able to diagnose and treat. I can't say I have always enjoyed my surgeries and shots and all those things but I always feel better after my visit and so does my owner. I am always nervous when I go, I am the one shivering in the waiting room. Then I see all my friends there and I relax, at least a little bit. It is so nice to be at a place where everyone knows me and is so happy to see me."

"I was involved in animal rescue work for many years and as part of my work I had an opportunity to visit many veterinary hospitals in Fairfax County. In fact, until three years ago I had used another area hospital to care for my 13 cats. However, when that hospital’s care declined, I made a point of researching other hospitals to care for my "little ones." I moved my "little ones" to Hollin Hall Animal Hospital because I found their reputation to be of the highest standards and I have not been disappointed. The veterinarians have always been extremely knowledgeable, caring and able to explain things to me so we can make the best care decisions for my "little ones". Everyone at Hollin Hall Animal Hospital knows my "little ones" and gives the best in quality care. I feel confident that every time I bring one of them in for any reason, that they will receive the best care."
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